Housewarming Gift Idea – Cleaning Supply Gift Basket For the New Home

My sister and brother-in-law are in the process of moving into their new home. Today, I took them this basket of items as a little “housewarming” gift.

While their house was under construction the past few months, I have been picking up items here and there during my weekly deals shopping to add to the basket. Once I combined them together in the basket, there was a nice variety of items (dish detergent, fabric softener sheets, stain remover, sponges, dishwasher tabs, air fresheners, glass cleaner, dryer bar, etc).

I also tucked in a new home greeting card purchased at Dollar Tree (which is where I purchase the large majority of the many greeting cards that I purchase throughout the year). For those of you who don’t know, the greeting cards at Dollar Tree are only $.50 and I have found that there are plenty of cute ones in the mix.

I don’t want to give a total price of the items in the basket since my sister does follow this blog (can’t give all of my secrets away, right).  But, for those of you who follow my site weekly can probably somewhat “price it out.”

This is another way you can use your couponing skills to bless others generously while sticking to your budget. Everyone has to have cleaning supplies, but is it something they really want to spend their money on?  Probably not.  So, I would think many people (especially non-couponers who typically pay full price for these items) would be thrilled to have a basket loaded with items given to them. I love this idea for a housewarming gift or for a student going away to college.