My Harris Teeter Weekly Grocery Shopping Recap (Spent Exactly $75.00 to the Penny)

Spent $67.37, Saved $100.37

(My goal is to spend around $75.00 each week for all of the groceries and household items for my family. Crazy that this week, I literally spent exactly $75.00 to the penny when you add together my normal weekly grocery shopping trip (from today) and my super doubles trip from earlier this week – pictured below).

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip (Earlier In the Week)

Spent $7.63, Saved $63.90

3 Comments on “My Harris Teeter Weekly Grocery Shopping Recap (Spent Exactly $75.00 to the Penny)

  1. Wow! So amazing. Thank you for sharing! One of these days I’m going to have a successful grocery haul like yours! Until then, I’ll keep on learning from you!

    • Hi Heather – You are very kind. Thank you! I have been doing the grocery couponing/deal shopping routine for all 17 years of my married life and honestly, I grew up with my mom shopping the same way. So, I’ve had a lot of training and practice over the years. 🙂 If I can ever answer specific questions that you have, I am happy to do so!

      • Hi! I read one of the extreme couponing books and in it I remember the author saying, “Shop at a store where the coupons double.” Do you agree with that? Sometimes I wonder if Food Lion is cheaper. But then I shop there with coupons and the MVP card and feel like I haven’t saved anything at all! Do you still shop at Aldi’s? It’s been quite some time since I been. As much as I loved shopping there, I felt like I would get a bunch of snack food and that’s it. It seemed like my Aldi’s never had any meat. And of course I would have to shop elsewhere to get baked beans-a staple in our household. Pork n beans arr not baked beans! 😉 Thank you so much for your help! Ha, each time you post a grocery haul, I immediately show it to my husband! I can’t take him or my toddler shopping- I’ll never stay on budget that way! 😳

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