My Weekly Harris Teeter Grocery Shopping Trip: Spent $74.74, Saved $82.39

I was excited to be back in the coupon routine this week! It has been crazy busy on the home front, so I haven’t grocery shopped for an entire week in several weeks. I have just been doing quick stops at the grocery store for this and that. That is definitely not my preferred way to shop, but I have had to go that route due to lack of time.

On the same note, I apologize I have been pretty absent on the blog the past couple of weeks. During the school spring break, I spent time at the beach (with no Wi-Fi) and the lake (working on our home renovation). Then, last week once the boys returned to school, I went on two field trips, attended baseball games and church, participated in a neighborhood yard sale at my parent’s house, shuttled my boys to birthday parties, ran errands to catch up after being gone over spring break and visited a friend and her new baby. It was just go, go, go all week long!

However, now things have settled down and I am back to the blogging routine.Thank you to all of you who visit my site and loyally return each week to check out the deals. You (and your patience during my slight absence) are very appreciated!

One Comment on “My Weekly Harris Teeter Grocery Shopping Trip: Spent $74.74, Saved $82.39

  1. I’m so glad that you guys were able to spend some quality time together. You also had another great week! There are some really great deals going on. I was especially happy to get the All and Huggies diapers. I hope that my baby girl will soon start potty training but for now at least there have been some really great diaper deals. Thank you for all of the great matchups!

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