My Harris Teeter Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip (Largest Savings Ever)

Spent $80.43, Saved $151.61

I saved $151 this week! I am almost positive this is the most I have ever saved at Harris Teeter in a single shopping trip.

(In addition to manufacturer’s coupons, I redeemed a $10.00 off $50.00 Harris Teeter purchase coupon that I received from Recyclebank. Click here for details! Be sure to input your zip code. This reward is found only in certain zip codes. Plus, I will receive $2.50 cash back from this shopping trip ($1.75 cash back from SavingStar and $.75 cash back from Ibotta).

In recent months, I have started looking beyond just my grocery list with household “needs” and coupon deals. Almost every week, I find great store mark down deals at Harris Teeter. For example, you will see in the picture above, I purchased four packages of Hillshire Farms deli meat. It was on sale for $3.33 and each package had $3.00 off markdown stickers, which dropped the price down to only $.33! Better yet, the “use by” date is still six days away. So, it made sense to purchase the meat at a super inexpensive price. I will quickly use up one package in my boys’ lunches over the next few days, and I have frozen the other three packages for a later date.

See the loaves of French bread from the Harris Teeter bakery? They were on sale for $1.19 and had $1.00 off markdown stickers, making each loaf $.19. I will use one loaf tonight with dinner and freeze the second loaf to make garlic bread at a later date. I purchased a box of yeast rolls from the bakery, as well, that were $2.19 after the markdown sticker was applied. My boys actually prefer rolls to sandwich bread in their school lunches.

Lastly, the containers of fresh strawberries were on a produce mark down shelf for $1.00 each. I chopped them up, sprinkled them with sugar and they were delicious.

As you shop, keep your eye out for deals like these! Coupons are wonderful, but store markdowns are a nice way to save on produce, meat, deli and bakery items. For “quick sale, mark down” items, just find a way to incorporate them into your meal plan soon after purchase or immediately place in your freezer for a later date.

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  1. All I can say is Wow! The deals and savings are just unbelievable!

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