My Lowes Foods Super Doubles Trip, Plus This Week’s Trip to Aldi

Spent $10.92, Saved $57.03

Due to all of the end-of-school activities that I have been involved with this week, I finally got a chance to go Lowes Foods super doubles this afternoon. Lowes Foods is not super close to me, so I typically only shop there on occasion.

The big draw for me during this sale week is the great ice cream and frozen treat deals.  The half gallons of Pet ice cream and Turkey Hill ice cream were both only $1.00 each, and the frozen bars were even less (Yasso frozen Greek bars were $.50 per box and the two boxes of Fruttare frozen bars were FREE, thanks to a $2.00 off coupon that was briefly available yesterday).

Other than the frozen treats, I picked up four free bags of frozen vegetables, two free boxes of Dixie Crystals brown sugar, two free Balance bars, some meat deals ($.99 Johnsonville chicken sausage, $.99 meatballs) and more!

Click here for a list of Lowes Foods super double coupon matchups for 6/5 – 6/11!

After Lowes Foods, I headed to Aldi to pick up produce and meat….

Aldi Shopping Trip

Spent $31.62

This week’s Aldi deals included a $.69 head of lettuce, $1.19 four-pack of tomatoes, $1.19 pound of strawberries and more!

Did you find any great grocery/drug store bargains this week?

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