Money Making Monday – How I Made Money on Ebay Overnight (Literally)!

Last week, I relisted several items on Ebay that did not sell back in November when I previously tried to sell them.  No biggie, just did a quick relist on Ebay during a spare moment during my boys’ school holiday break. The online auctions were set to run out on Sunday night (last night).  None were big ticket items and to be honest, I didn’t actually expect them to sell, being that most of the items were pre-owned clothing items and didn’t sell the previous time.

Imagine my surprise this morning, when I woke up to email notifications from Ebay that I sold SEVEN items and made over $60 (plus money towards shipping)! Not a bad way to start off the new year, if you ask me! I am posting this just to show 1) how selling on Ebay can be very inconsistent 2) timing is everything and 3) it can be a GREAT way for any of you to make some extra money!

As you kick off this new year, you may be clearing out clutter from your home and trying to become better organized.  Why not try selling some of the items you no longer need on Ebay – you really never know what will sell! If you are interested in testing the Ebay waters, you may be interested in reading my previous posts:

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Find a few items (new or pre-owned) and see what happens!  Right now, it is FREE to list up to 100 items on Ebay with online auctions.  You have nothing to lose…good luck!!!