Save Time and Money – Drinks on the Go!

My boys and I are on-the-go alot running errands, going to playdates, ball games, school functions and that type of thing. And, as any mom to little ones know, they get thirsty…and hungry…and need to go to the bathroom…you know the drill. I have found it handy to always pack a little cooler with our drinks (as well as keep snacks on hand) any time we are leaving the house for an extended amount of time to cut down on extra stops and the added expense of popping in convenience stores on a regular basis. With a family of five, this really starts to add up!

In addition, I always buy twelve packs of canned soft drinks for my hubby’s personal work refrigerator. He is a diet drink addict and it is much more economical to stock up on twelve packs when I find them for $2.50, then for him to pay close to $1.00 several times a day from the company vending machine. Cha-ching!

This year, we have also started buying Gatorades and packing them for my son’s ball practices and games. The convenience store used to be a routine stop afterwards…not anymore. The drinks are cold, convenient and ready to be enjoyed…straight from the cooler. And, paying an average of $.50/drink is much better than the $1.50+ we were paying for before. Another cha-ching!

My philosophy is not to deprive yourself of what you want, for you only live once and should enjoy it! But, if you can get exactly what you want for a lesser price and put the rest of the money in savings…or pay off debt…or in a college fund…or whatever your financial goal may be…then why not? These little cost savings on a daily basis add up to significant amounts over time.

One Comment on “Save Time and Money – Drinks on the Go!

  1. Great idea! I am so with you. When we are out and about thirsy and hungry babies lead to meltdowns. Well, so do thirsty and hungry mommies if I am honest!