Reward Yourself with Swagbucks

Earlier this year, the name “Swagbucks” kept popping up on websites I frequently visit. I eventually decided to check it out and I absolutely love Swagbucks!

In a nut shell, you register (for free) at and then use the site for your web searches, take daily polls, surveys, etc. While you get a small one point reward each day when you take the daily poll, you will randomly be rewarded varied amounts of larger “swagbucks” for your website seaches. This morning, I have won three times already (34 points) just by doing the regular web searches I would do anyway! Google never rewarded me like this!

Then, after you accumulate swagbucks, you visit the Swag Store to redeem your points for rewards. The reward options are endless, from free magazine subscriptions to electronics to gift cards. I personally have my eye on a Starbucks gift card which I am well on my way to earning. If you use the internet often, which I do on a daily basis, this is an easy avenue to “treat yourself” or even start accumulating points for Christmas presents and gift cards for others. Click the banner below to learn more!

Search & Win

I will be reporting on more reward programs that I participate in, so be sure to stop by soon for a visit!