Making Money from Home – How to Sell on Ebay

Ebay has been a wonderful avenue for me to make extra money while staying home with my boys. In fact, I just sold three items this morning! It is free to sign up for an Ebay account and it is relatively inexpensive to sell items, with small listing fees (varies on listing price) and final value fees (varies depending on what price the item sold). The great part about it is that you can sell new or used items you have at your very own house right now. Clear your clutter and increase your bank account!

Here’s how to get started:

Visit and create an account. Free! You are now on your way to making money from home!

During the Ebay registration, you will be prompted to create a PayPal account. This is the method buyers will use to pay you for the items they purchase.

What can I sell? Search your biggest resource – the stuff you already own at home. Ebay provides a monthly “What’s Hot” list here.  Check it out to see Ebay’s current best-selling items. I have had great luck selling cosmetics, purses, children’s clothing, baby items and more!

How much shall I charge? I would recommend doing a quick search on Ebay to see if there are similar items up for auction and determine what seems to be a fair price to begin your auction. Do not price an item for less than you will be happy receiving for it in hopes that the starting price will be bid up higher. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t.

Do I have to pay to ship the item once sold? Some sellers offer free shipping, however, most sellers (including me) charge to ship items. When calculating how much to charge for shipping, don’t just estimate postage! Keep in mind that you still have to purchase boxes or a padded envelope and use your gas to go to the post office.

Where can I find inexpensive shipping supplies? For most of the items that I sell on Ebay, I typically use padded envelopes (which can be purchased two for $1.00 at Dollar Tree/two for $1.25 at Dollar General), reuse a box that I already have on hand from something that was shipped to me, or if you plan to use USPS Priority Mail, they provide you with free boxes as part of this service. Visit for details.

How do I receive my money from PayPal? And, how quickly? When buyers go to PayPal to pay for the items purchased from you, PayPal will take another small percentage of the total. Then, your money (up to a $500 monthly limit), is available for you to withdraw. If you choose to withdraw funds and have it transferred to your bank account, I have found it usually takes about three days for it to appear in my bank account.

To ease you into how Ebay works, I challenge you to choose 2-3 items that you are willing to sell and get started… Good luck!